The Simpsons: 10 Times Homer Really Should Have Died

How has one man been damaged to such an extent and still lasted more than 500 episodes? That's the power of television, we guess.

We're still waiting to find out which of The Simpsons' characters is to be killed off in season 25. Fans and critics have practically fallen over themselves to predict who will bite the bullet after the teasing reveal, even if Family Guy's similar stunt might have dulled the impact since.

Following the sad passing of Marcia Wallace, Mrs. Krabappel will no longer appear in the show, but if there's one character that shouldn't be in the show anymore, it's bumbling, stumbling father-of-no-year Homer. Make no mistake: Homer J. Simpson should be dead. Think about it: how many crazy schemes and unlikely adventures has this guy been on? Over the show's quarter century run, he has been beaten, drowned, stabbed, shot, crushed, and trampled on, and yet lives to tell the tale, reappearing the following week without so much as a scratch. Take a look at some of the moments Homer has endured, where lesser man would have surely perished...

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