The Simpsons: 11 More Characters Who Need To Die

One down, another 11 to go please.

Last Sunday, The Simpsons finally delivered its long-hyped episode which would kill off one of the show's long-standing characters. Speculation had been rife for around a year, with everyone putting in their own two cents, though after the episode title was announced to be "Clown in the Dumps" over the summer, the smart money was on Krusty the Clown being the one to bite the bullet. However, as it turned out, his father, Rabbi Krustofski, was the one to die, suddenly dropping dead early on in the episode, as Krusty then has a crisis of confidence about the quality of his work. Showrunner Al Jean expressed fears ahead of time that the death had been over-hyped, and boy, was he right or what? Krusty's dad has only appeared in around a dozen episodes in total, so it's not like audiences were especially attached to him, and to that end, given the insanely large cast The Simpsons has amassed over the course of 26 seasons, there were so many more worthy characters to be bumped off, either because they're annoying as all hell, or simply because they've had a good run and it would make sense to take care of them. Here are 11 more Simpsons characters who need to die in the near future...

11. Grandpa Simpson

Why He Should Die: Easily the most frequently-appearing character on this list, Grandpa Simpson has been a staple of the show ever since its beginning, but it's fair to say that over the years, the whole senile old coot shtick has pretty much been milked to death by now. Plus, Abe's official age is 83, which is a pretty good run, and the writers have had to scale back the references to him fighting in World War II over the last few seasons, because it would imply that he was in his 90s. Who doesn't love Grandpa Simpson like one of their own family? That said, it's really about time the old guy was put out to pasture. Method Of Death: Death by natural causes is the most sensible option, though that might be a little too grimly realistic for a character this wacky. What about dying while in the throes of passion with a fellow resident of the retirement home? How Likely Is It?: Abe is a staple of the show, and even though he's been "Flanderised" like most of the characters over the years, it's just too ballsy a move to kill him off. 3/10
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