The Simpsons: 11 More Characters Who Need To Die

10. Disco Stu

Why He Should Die: Disco Stu only makes occasional appearances in the show these days, but honestly, what does anyone remember him for? Apart from the hilarious moment when he declines to buy Homer's "Disco Stu" jacket, he's just a one-note character, which likely explains why he now only appears once every couple of years. Method Of Death: Stu relapses to his sugar addiction, and the plug is pulled after he falls into a diabetic coma. Disco, it seems, is finally, truly, dead. How Likely Is It?: Disco Stu is a character beloved by so few that he could easily be killed off without causing any controversy or upset. Though it will likely be a few years before another character dies, he's a fine bet: he's appeared enough throughout the show to be recognisable to just about every viewer, but at the same time he's not an integral component of it. 6/10
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