The Simpsons: 12 Celebrity Voiceovers You May Have Missed

12. Natalie Portman

NatalieportmanPlayed: Darcy Episode: Little Big Girl Whilst Lisa is busy spinning a web of lies after claiming to have North American ancestry (a descendant of the proud Hitachi tribe), Bart finds himself a town hero after a prank goes strangely right. Down on Cletus' farm, a series of unlikely events lead to a baby chick starting a fire. Cletus' cow extinguishes it, but the slack-jawed yokel drops his pipe and the fire rages once again. Spreading around town, the townsfolk try to put it out and Skinner orders Groundskeeper Willie to fetch all of the fire extinguishers from the school, but finds them gone: Bart has borrowed them to propel his wagon to supersonic speed. As he whizzes round town he inadvertently puts out the fire, and is proclaimed a hero. Mayor Quimby rewards him with his own driver's licence (despite him being 10 years old) and he starts to drive Homer's car. Homer soon takes advantage of this and Bart becomes his chauffeur slave, prompting Bart to leave town. He heads for North Haverbrook where he meets 15 year old Darcy. The two get along well and a relationship quickly develops. Bart eventually proposes to Darcy, but at the courthouse his true age is revealed - along with Darcy's pregnancy. It emerges that it isn't Bart, but a Norwegian exchange student who has since gone back to 'Norwegia'. The pair try to elope to Utah where they intend to be married, but their families catch up to them and talk them out of it. Whilst perhaps not having an instantly recognisable voice, you may have spotted the mole on Darcy's left cheek: the same place Natalie Portman has one. The episode is a little offbeat, and Portman adds a solid comedy element to the part, such as telling Bart he is an 'extreme' husband and father, and screaming for strawberries to curb her pregnancy cravings.

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