The Simpsons: 12 Shockingly Depressing Character Backstories

11. Troy McClure

20th Century Television20th Century TelevisionStereotypical Hollywood has-been Troy McClure may ostensibly appear to be one of Springfield€™s more affluent residents but this is far from the case. The actor experienced some success in the 1970s but has since been reduced to appearing in diabolical B-movies, educational videos and low-rate television shows. Knowing what it€™s like to be so successful only to abruptly fall from grace must surely be worse than never having been a respected actor. McClure€™s career came to a sudden halt when his peculiar paraphilia involving fish became public knowledge. In a pathetic bid to revive his stagnant career, McClure began a relationship with Selma Bouvier (in €˜A Fish Called Selma€™) which caught the public€™s imagination and briefly made him relevant once more. The actor subsequently had a role in the musical version of the Planet of the Apes €“ what an honour€ When McClure€™s agent suggested the pair have a child to seize the attention of Springfield€™s media, Selma finally draws the line and ends the sham marriage. Troy quickly returns back to the gutter of obscurity out of which he had briefly escaped.
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