The Simpsons: 20 Greatest Songs In The Show's History

20. Poochie's Rap

Episode: The Itchy And Scratch And Poochie Show

When The Itchy and Scratchy Show takes a slide in ratings, its animators are forced to introduce a new character to keep the format fresh. Enter Poochie, a loud, obnoxious and achingly hip cartoon dog. With his sunglasses, surfboard and backwards baseball cap, he appears as the very picture of 'attitude'. Yet despite being fleshed out from the feedback of a focus group, he doesn't quite make the right impression...

As if interrupting the show's trademark violence wasn't bad enough, Poochie then introduces himself in the least appealing way possible €“ rapping. It's awful, of course, but it sells Poochie's personality (or, rather, lack of one) perfectly. In a voice perhaps a tad too aggressive for a kids' show, he informs us that he is both a'kung fu hippie' and a 'rapping surfer' before echoing other TV characters' catchphrases and earnestly throwing out references that will completely miss their target audience (Joe Camel? Fonzarelli? Mr T?). And then, having stolen the show from the titular 'toons €“ albeit for all the wrong reasons €“ he implores his young viewers to ''always recycle... TO THE EXTREME!'' before disappearing into the sunset, taking with him the possibility that anyone will watch The Itchy and Scratchy Show ever again. Still, he was fun while he lasted. ...Wasn't he?

19. The Garbage Man

Episode: Trash of the Titans

When Homer becomes Springfield's Sanitation Commissioner, he promises a refuse revolution: gone are the days of having to do the dirty work yourself. Now the garbage man will do it all! Unfortunately, it isn't long before his ambitions prove a little too lofty... but that shouldn't get in the way of a good song.

Borrowing the tune of 'The Candyman' from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Homer literally sings the praises of his trash-collecting team. And while you and I may shudder at the implications of Krusty's 'used-up porno', it is not the garbage man's place to pass judgement. Instead, he's too busy disposing of Maggie' nappies, preparing Chief Wiggum for the big Policeman's Ball or reminding Irish musical superstars that they're showing a little more than they should. Puts your local council to shame, really.

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