The Simpsons: Homer's 10 Most Astounding Acts Of Stupidity

The Simpsons Hello Mr Thompson Homer Simpson. There's not much Springfield's nuclear power plant safety inspector hasn't accomplished. He traveled to outer space as an Astronaut for NASA. He was a member in the Grammy winning band 'The Be Sharps'. He was a boxer. He became a food critic for the Springfield Shopper, a film critic during the Springfield film festival and has been Mayor Quimby's personal bodyguard. All in all, Homer boasts a CV to inspire equal parts jealously and bewilderment. Yet despite his impressive achievements and glamorous positions, Homer has time and time again been subject to outbursts of extreme stupidity, which especially exhaust and annoy his patient, understanding and loyal wife Marge. But while Marge has a tough job constantly mending fences and cleaning up after Homer, seeing the Simpson patriarch in full on stumbling-bumbling-boob mode gifts us viewers with countless hours of laughter. Now of course there's is no way we could possibly list all of Homers gaffs as that would take roughly 11 hours to read through. Instead we've managed to carve out our favourite 10. So join me in raising a Duff and toasting to Springfield's most loveable buffoon.
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