The Simpsons: Homer's 10 Most Astounding Acts Of Stupidity

7. 'Drought And Famine Resistant' €“ King Size Homer

King Size Homer I think even the big man himself would agree he is prone to choosing the easy option in life. So it was only natural in 'King Size Homer' when he found out workers can operate from home if disabled, that he would try and achieve this. The path to his goal was weight gain. Attempting to pile on 61 pounds by any means necessary, Homer gorged on any food he could get his chubby hands on, even Play-Doh (as it 's non-toxic). Aided by Dr. Nicks specialist advice he successfully hit his target and was granted permission to operate from the comforts of his own abode. Marge, understandably is furious at Homers carelessness towards his health and when asked to explain himself in a pros and cons list the best he could come up with was the was "drought and famine resistant". Hey, it's a good reason, probably. Maybe we're being a tad harsh on Homer here, as at the end of the episode, the power plant faces a nuclear meltdown unless shut down manually. Homer saves the day by arriving on the scene, albeit in an ice cream truck, and falls into the valve blocking the release of toxic gas, thus saving Springfield from imminent disaster. It's hilarious, impressive, and probably the only instance in which a fat guy's been used as a cork to stop an environmental disaster. Then again, the nuclear meltdown was caused by Homer since he left a dipping bird toy in charge of his work station while he popped out. Oh well, swings and roundabouts, I guess.
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