The Simpsons: Homer's 10 Most Astounding Acts Of Stupidity

6. 'Are You Just Holding Onto The Can?' €“ Marge On The Lam

The Simpsons Vending Machines Countless times we've seen Homer go above and beyond at the prospect of a drink or snack, and here is no different. On the evening Homer promised to take Marge to the ballet, he is leaving the plant with Lenny and Carl and decides to quickly stick it to the man by attempting to steal a can of soda from a vending machine. Of course, he gets stuck and by the time he's called Marge to break the bad news, he's managed the impossible and got his other arm stuck in a candy machine. The stupidity-o-meter climbs once the repairman turns up and breaks the news to Homer that he's left with no option but to saw his arms off, with Homer asking "They'll grow back right?". Just as the arm cutting is about to commence the repairman queries "Homer, are you just holding onto the can?" to which Homer replies "Your point being...?" BOOM! the stupidity-o-meter just exploded, and Homer is predictably laughed out the room.
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