The Simpsons: Homer's 10 Most Astounding Acts Of Stupidity

5. The Forbidden Doughnut €“ Treehouse Of Horror X

The Simpsons DoughnutThe Treehouse of Horror episodes have been a strong favourite with fans over the years, as they give the writers the chance to operate outside the boundaries of reality. These episodes so often make Homer out to be more idiotic than usual, for example in Treehouse of Horror X, Homer forgets to rid his computer of the Y2K problem, causing the virus to spreads throughout the world and spread widespread chaos. Or in Treehouse of Horror XIII, Homer discovers a hammock that can produce clones of anyone who lies on it. The clones get out of hand and the only way to kill them all succesfully is by dangling giant doughnuts over the Springfield gorge and luring them over it. The Treehouse of Horror moment that made our list is in episode IV of the Halloween special's. One day at work Homer runs out of doughnuts and in his torture, announces he would sell his soul for one. The Devil (ironically played by Ned Flanders) appears with a contract with the offer; one doughnut, for one soul. Homer agrees without question. Now, that would ordinarily be stupid enough, I mean €“ why would you only sell your soul for just one doughnut? at least make it a million of them. Anyway, Homer does find a loophole, as the contract stats his soul will only belong to the Devil once he's finished eating the doughnut. Thinking he's outsmarted the Devil he places the last forbidden bite in the fridge never to be eaten. You know, until he sleep walks downstairs later that night for a snack. Do'h(nut)!
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