South Park: 10 Most Disturbing Episodes

Poor taste is the name of the game in South Park, but did these episodes go too far?

South Park Ike Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy
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Warning: Sensitive Content Ahead!

You'd think that after almost thirty years on the air that the beautifully twisted minds behind South Park would have lost their spark for making us laugh at the most appalling things, and yet somehow the show is still firing on all cylinders.

Starting out its life as a subversive, surreal and overtly disgusting comedy, the show has slowly evolved over time into a pillar of American satire that takes no prisoners and sinks its fangs into any subject - no matter how taboo or upsetting said subject may be.

The show's ongoing vicious social satire and unwillingness to compromise its integrity for the sake of good taste have ensured that its dedicated following has stood by it through thick and thin, even when controversy has come a-knockin'. And, for a show like South Park, controversy is forever waiting in the wings.

Which brings us to this list.

The episodes featured here are undoubtedly the show's most disturbing outings, which touch upon taboo subjects such as paedophilia, sexual assault and school shootings. Although if you're a fan of South Park, you're likely used to such nastiness and those featured here today will likely come as no surprise to you.

10. Proper Condom Use - Season 5, Episode 7

South Park Ike Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy
Comedy Central

Perhaps the most outright disgusting episode on this list, Proper Condom Use is chock-full of nauseating moments that will permanently scar you.

When Cartman is taught how to 'milk a dog' he enthusiastically tells all of his friends, which leads to Stan masturbating the family dog in front of his parents' book club. The outraged townsfolk then decide to lower the age in which sex education is taught in school, and as a result, the highly deranged sexual dysfunctions of both Mr Mackey and Miss Choksondik are shown to us in the most graphic manner possible.

And trust us when we say it's not pretty.

That rather gruesome sex scene aside, we're also treated to Mr Garrison's unconventional way of putting on a condom, numerous up-close photographs of real sexually transmitted diseases, and Cartman discovering that you don't need to go to the bathroom when you're wearing a condom all day.

The episode does wind its neck in a little towards the end when it settles into becoming a Mad Max parody, but the creators just couldn't help themselves and it ends on the townsfolk gleefully watching as Stan once again w*nks off his dog Sparky.

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