South Park: 10 Most Disturbing Episodes

9. Scott Tenorman Must Die - Season 5, Episode 4

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An obvious, yet very necessary inclusion to this list, Scott Tenorman Must Die is one of the show's most beloved and infamously depraved half hours.

After being scammed into buying the pubes of eighth-grader Scott Tenorman, Cartman begins a crusade for revenge. Most of his attempts to either ridicule or maim Scott backfire, including a particularly inspired plan to train a donkey to bite off Scott's genitals, which ultimately doesn't come to fruition.

But in typical Cartman fashion, he saved the best plan for last.

He invites Scott to attend the Chilli-Con-Carnival, an event organised by Cartman himself which consists of rides, stalls and a chilli making contest.

Through an elaborate series of events, Cartman was able to get Scott's parents killed for trespassing and then steal their bodies from the scene of the crime. After spending a night with the hacksaw, he then cooked Mr and Mrs Tenorman's remains into a chilli, which Scott eagerly wolfs down.

It's a particularly horrific series of events, all of which are perfectly capped off by Cartman lapping up Scott's tears in the most disgusting display of victory we've ever seen.

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