South Park: 10 Times Eric Cartman Got What He Deserved

This one's for you, Scott Tenorman.

Comedy Central

Eric Cartman’s character is something of a paradox on South Park.

He’s fully loathed by almost all the residents of South Park and yet they keep on giving him the attention he craves whilst letting him get away with his criminal schemes over and over again. And it’s the same for us viewers. Several times we’ve been frustrated by his ignorant, racist, mean-spirited ways but deep down, we know the comedy sitcom would not be the same without him. He is, after all, the show's answer to Bart Simpson, Stewie Griffin or Bender the robot.

With all that being said, whenever Cartman is put in his place, you just can’t help but feel satisfied. Considering Eric gets away with racism, murder, selfishness and torment on a daily basis, it is quite refreshing to see him being embarrassed or defeated. And the whole point of the show is that Cartman is SUPPOSED to be ridiculed and loathed. He's not exactly morally ambiguous.

He’s potentially the evillest cartoon character ever created and if he lived anywhere else in the world other than the mountain town of South Park (a place ran by literal idiots), he would have been locked up permanently for all his disturbing behaviour. And while he doesn't quite get that sort of punishment, sometimes he does get what he deserves...

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