South Park: 10 Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To Butters

"I'm a dork and I deserve what's coming to me"

South Park Butters
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Poor Butters. One of the most innocent characters in the show and yet the one who absorbs the most punishment.

Seriously, Kenny used to die in every episode and he still didn't have to go through what poor Leopold Stotch endures on a weekly basis.

His naïve attitude couple with his dark up-bringing has made him one of the funniest characters in the show, so much so that he was considered as the fourth friend after Kenny was killed off "permanently". And even today he's still classed as the 5th main character alongside Stan, Kenny, Kyle and Cartman.

Watching him suffer is hilarious because he never seems to learn, but on the rare occasions that he fights back, it's oddly endearing and honestly quite inspiring for any younger viewers (although I'm not suggesting that any young people watch this show!).

That said however, the bad has certainly outweighed the good for him, and narrowing down to 10 was no easy task.

Let's celebrate the boy who loves life by looking at his worst moments.

10. Being Grounded All The Time

South Park Butters
Comedy Central

There's no particular episode for this entry, it's just something that happens to Butters on a regular basis, and for the majority of the time it's baffling as to why he's grounded.

He could be sent to his room for any number of reasons, like using bad language for a book he didn't write despite the book being successful, feeding his entire sports team his "special goo", and perhaps most unfairly of all, making silly faces in the school photo despite him doing his normal expression.

The most serious grounding came during Grounded Vindaloop, where Butters is tricked into believing he's in a virtual reality, and thinking there will be no consequences to his actions, attacks his father Steven for all the times he was unfairly grounded. This however, is in a virtual reality but not Butters' one (it's too much to explain right now), and Butters is already grounded in his room but even his parents don't know why.

It can be the most petty reason but the boy will always end up in his room, and probably for the reasons coming up now.

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