South Park: 15 Greatest Ever Episodes

1. Scott Tenorman Must Die

tenormanSeason 5 Episode 4 Character of the Week Cartman, as I've said before is the greatest success of South Park. Balancing hideous racism and pure evil with the simple mind and the curious innocence of a child, Trey Parker and Matt Stone created one of the best comedy characters of all time in him and this episode is the first and best example of his character fully formed. Cartman's Wisdom Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness! My-yummy! What Makes This Episode So Good Cartman was once the butt of jokes, just a fat, hate-filled lump there to say horrible things and to think horrible thoughts. Then this episode happened... It seems like all the big films these days are epic confrontations between a hero and his arch-nemesis. 'The Dark Knight' showed us what happens when an unstoppable force meet an immovable object, Skyfall displayed the tragedy that occurred when James Bond met his dark reflection and 'Star Trek Into Darkness' revealed the explosive result of a battle to the death between Captain Kirk and Khan. This episode is in keeping with the spirit of these adventures. Cartman meets his match in the horrible ninth grade bully, Scott Tennorman who tricks Cartman out of sixteen dollars and twelve cents. This episode chronicles their battles back and forth as Cartman tries to find new ways to getting his money back whilst Scott keeps beating him further into the ground. It may be the only time that the audience are asked to invest fully in the evil Cartman's plight but boy do we as he is loses again and again. The episode is the first proper time that the audience are shown just how evil and just how strategically intelligent Cartman can be and it has shocking and unforgettable results. It's clear why this is a fan favorite and my all time favorite episode as it is a surprising, original tale that will prove just how imaginative the show can be.
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