South Park: 15 Greatest Ever Episodes

2. Woodland Critter Christmas Season 8 Episode 14 woodland Characters of the Week The Woodland Christmas Critters are symbols for the hideous depravity of South Park hidden beneath a cute fuzzy exterior. Christmas Spirit Way up in the mountains in a small little town, The Main Street was being decorated all up and down. People stood in long lines, sometimes waiting hours or more, Because Christmas need to be bought in a store. Tropes Tarnished Christmas Specials will never be the same again. Heck, neither will Disney movies. The talking animals make you look at the like of Mickey Mouse in a whole new, sinister light. Even the Mountain Lion's cave is reminiscent of Pride Rock. Why This Episode Is So Good There are no words. OK there are a few, if you love Christmas, if you love parody, if you love engaging narratives, if you have a strong gag-reflex then watch this. Watch it now. It is brilliant and best viewed with a fresh pair of eyes. Just don't let your mum watch it, she won't like it.

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