South Park Elementary: Every Faculty Member Ranked Worst To Best

Mr Garrison? Principal Victoria? Chef? Which South Park characters conquer the school?!

South Park Ms. Pearl
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When you think about South Park, you're far more likely to conjure up images of foul-mouthed little kids than adults, as the show is inherently based on the town's youth, at least it was at first. Kenny, Cartman, Kyle and Stan used to be the most significant/only focus, but as the series progressed, the audience's eyes were guided in a different direction.

The adults of this snowy Colorado town are by no means the mature and sensible type, as they are just as - if not more - wild than the kids themselves. This tends to make them absolutely hilarious, as despite being older, they still give the youth a run for their money regarding stupidity.

One place that you see this come to life best is South Park Elementary, as the school that governs these unruly kids needs to be filled to the brim with characters that match them. While many of the staff at this place of learning do that, there are plenty that don't.

So, by looking at their humour and importance to the school's plot and positions, we can create a hierarchy of these adults. When the kids are being taught by a bunch like this, it's no wonder they're such little monsters.

12. Principal Victoria

South Park Ms. Pearl
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Principal Victoria was an integral piece of South Park Elementary, and that's obvious from the fact that she was in charge of the entire thing. Although she had a tonne of longevity in the series and a high position of power, she's also one of the show's most boring and unremarkable characters.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone had plenty of scope to make her memorable, as positions of power are always subject to interesting characters in South Park, but they kind of dropped the ball on this one.

The character was introduced in "Pinkeye", and her presence was instantly uninteresting, as all she would do from that point was talk in a relaxed tone and scold the boys every now and again. She always felt like a side role, with no bearing towards the plot outside of reacting to the kids' actions.

Plus, whenever she was given agency in the narrative - such as in the episode "Bass to Mouth" - she was drowned out by the louder characters like Mr Mackey. Therefore, it's by no means a tough choice to put her on the bottom of this list.

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