South Park's 10 Most Savage Parody Episodes Ever

Dude, Kick Ass!

Dog Bounty Hunter South Park
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Anyone and anything is a potential target for the warped and filthy minds at South Park. So much so that's it would probably be quicker to list the things they haven't ripped on, than to try and go through them all.

TV has been responsible for some of the biggest moments in recent history, as well as being able to produce a tremendous amount of content at an alarming rate. Over the years it's grown to such an extent there's an inexhaustible supply of potential material for comedians to exploit. Whether it's dated material from the past, or something completely brand new, there's always a steady supply of fresh meat for the grinder.

TV provides a wider variety of subject matter for spoofing, more so than any other medium. Not only are there the usual staples - comedies, dramas, science fiction, horror, etc - but glimpses of the real world too with politics, the news, and reality TV. These often provide greater potential for comedy, given that the people involved typically take themselves far too seriously.

Unlike traditional movie spoofs and genre parodies, mocking TV shows often helps bring forward real-world issues. They also can introduce show formats and ideas that audiences may not have been aware of even.

No matter how bad or outrageous an idea is, hopefully they'll continue to produce these shows because, if nothing else, it helps make for better episodes of South Park. It's a very savage and rewarding cycle.

10. Crime Dramas

Dog Bounty Hunter South Park
Comedy Central

This is more about spoofing an entire genre rather than a specific show, so crime dramas might want to start changing their formula a bit.

"Lil' Crime Stoppers" manages to squeeze in every cliche from the play book. In the beginning, as the boys are playing detectives, their imaginations get the better of them. Whilst searching for missing pies, they speculate that the perpetrator behaved more like Hannibal Lecter, cutting up bodies and dissolving the remains in acid, all for a pie! There are tough arguments about jurisdiction, with a bunch of kids playing FBI, as well as slo-mo gun fights. Poor Butters is interrogated, naturally, and expected to produce a... DNA sample. It wouldn't be South Park without... DNA.

All that's before the boys are made honorary deputies in what seems like a sweet gesture on behalf of the police, but, in actuality, they're expected to take down meth labs, with explosive results. Cue a grouchy captain who repeatedly shouts about the mayor having his ass.

It has everything you'd hope for, and, yes, Butters does finally give a DNA sample.

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