South Park's 10 Most Savage Parody Episodes Ever

9. Pokemon

Dog Bounty Hunter South Park
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Pokemon is the biggest franchise of all time; certainly the most profitable. Plus, it's made up of cute and weird-looking cartoon animals that fight each other. How were adult comedies supposed to resist making fun of it? It's all still going as strong as ever, so this episode should serve as a good history lesson for viewers.

The Pokemon craze has hit South Park, except it's called Chinpokomon, which is, as expected, a rude word. All the kids are obsessed with buying as much merchandise as they can, whilst the adults are oblivious and don't understand any of it. However, it is later revealed that the merchandise is specially designed to brainwash children and help Japan take over the world.

Meanwhile, the adults are left powerless as the Japanese are able to trick them by excessively complimenting the men on their... assets. It hasn't aged as well as some other episodes in terms of political correctness, but no other show has savaged the Pokemon craze quite like South Park.

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