Spaced: 10 Things To Love About Edgar Wright's Hidden Gem

9. Painfully 90's

spaced frost pegg
Channel 4

The 90's were an ... interesting time to be alive. In history's list of drunken episodes, this was the night that ends with waking up in a strange apartment, shoes missing and shirt covered in regurgitated kebab.

Released just before the turn of the millennium, Spaced will take you back to the wretched hive of scum and villainy that was London in this decade. Between the oversized cargo trousers, the prominence of The Phantom Menace, and the existence of typewriters beyond just hipsters, there's no doubt of when this series is set.

Viewers of UK television from this era will also recognise the appearance of Robot Wars, from its geek-ish excitement to the excessive efforts people took to win it, up to and including explosives.

The UK rave scene is another surprising inclusion, with an atmosphere and music set that quite simply could not fit in at any other point in history. The universe just wouldn't allow it.

As a series engaging with geek culture before the widespread use of the internet, not to mention the struggles of job hunting and finding a home, Spaced bleeds the 90's as much as it bleeds film references.


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