Squid Game Ending Explained: Why The Twists Work Better Than You Think

MEGA spoilers as we dive deeper into Netflix's masterpiece.

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SPOILERS for the ending of Squid Game.

Squid Game has taken the world by storm as Netflix's biggest show of all time, and has exploded into popular consciousness in a big way since its release. Though almost everyone agrees it's an overall fantastic series, some of the show's ending twists have people scratching their heads.

Some even say they were "twists for the sake of twists", or even frustrating sequel bait.

However, when looking at the central themes of the show - how capitalism and wage inequality can subject human beings to inhumane conditions - every twist actually makes sense when looked at thematically.


The Front Man's Identity

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One of the twists in the show is that of The Front Man's identity, later revealed as the detective Hwang Jun-ho's missing brother Hwang In-Ho, who won the games years ago and yet now takes part in them as an overseer.

This twist seems to go nowhere after In-Ho kills his brother, but it sends a powerful message when you realise that The Front Man represents people who claw their way to the top of the food chain then turn around and contribute to the harmful structures of society, rather than trying to change it.

In In-Ho's case, he's fed himself the lie that the game makes things "equal" for the players, even if it's proven by the inclusion of Player 001 (who does not die like the rest) and the organ-harvesting doctor (who cheated through multiple games) that that isn't actually the case.

This is in contrast with main character Gi-Hun, who turns around from leaving the country to stop the game from happening again, since unlike Hwang In-Ho, he retains his empathy and genuinely wishes to change the system.

Meanwhile the old man, Il-Nam's twist, is a bit less straightforward.


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