Star Trek: 10 Annoying Characters Who Really Should Have Died

9. Vic Fontaine

vic3 How much longer do you think they should have tried to drag out that old "singer in a holodeck" idea before Vic was finally shut down for good? Now, I know technically he wasn't alive, but even so, as a character he just really got on my nerves, especially his way of calling everyone "pally" and believing he was still in the 1950s or something. Nothing more than a vehicle for Bobby Darin to remind people how great a singer he was, still is. One story, maybe. Two? Suppose so. But Vic started to get into more stories than even the Ferengi. I'm not saying he wasn't entertaining, to a degree, but the idea was stretched to wafer-thin proportions when Bashir and O'Brien had to get his night club back when it was "taken over" by gangsters. Should have left it as it was. And how come he had a life outside the club? A hotel room? Give me a break! As for when Nog decided to "live in the holosuite" --- a great episode, (and yes, I know it was the same one) but indulgent much? All it would have taken was some judicially crossed wires and we'd never have had to hear "I've got you under my skin" or any of the rest of his lounge lizard repertoire ever again!

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