Star Trek: 10 Reasons Enterprise Totally Sucked

9. Hoshi Sato

entsucks2 If your answer to the question, "How can we demonstrate a character coming into their own on an action/adventure series?" is, "Send them into panic attacks and fits of hysterics any time they face the tiniest bit of adversity," then congratulations, you are now in charge of every Hoshi Sato arc on Enterprise. If there is a particularly complex task for the crew to do, you could count on Hoshi to object to it; if there's an away team being assembled, she would be the last to volunteer. Especially in the first season, the writers would go out of their way to represent her as more than a little incompetent. Considering that she must have received the same training as everyone else, you would think she would be able to at least handle the odd challenge or two, if a bit grudgingly. but no, she demurs from even the most essential tasks In terms of characterization, there hasn't been a more obnoxious character other than Wesley; but, to Linda Park's credit, her delivery was never as shrill as Will Wheton's. In fact, despite her character's problems, the actress made Hoshi endearing in a sort of younger sister capacity. Unfortunately, this is more of a problem than a benefit, and one endemic to the series itself.
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