Star Trek: 10 Strangest Alien Species

Out in the depths of space, it all gets a little strange...


When your job is to boldly go where no one has gone before, you inevitably find things fly off the rails quickly and frequently. Getting in those kinds of situations seemingly happens every episode on different Star Trek series. Well, at least to the crews and ships who are the focus of said series. Other people didn't seem to get up to the shenanigans the respective crews of Deep Space Nine, Voyager and various Enterprises did.

The vast majority of the time, they ended up dealing with aliens fans were used to seeing. Klingons. Romulans. Vulcans. Then there were the other times when the different Star Trek crews encountered new life and new civilizations that often seemed to defy explanations. Even when an explanation was attempted, it still didn't cover off every detail in many cases.


Often times the key to a great Star Trek episode, regardless of which series you're watching, is a unique alien species that brings something new to the table. Or one that's just so strange that it becomes iconic, even if that species only pops up only in an episode or two.

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