Star Trek: 10 Things Picard Has Wisely Avoided (Or Forgotten)

9. Kirk's Grave

Picard Sisko
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Have you buried one of Starfleet's most noted captains?

Fans might have through that Picard wasn't even a bystander for the events of Generations. As with many of the items on this list, you can always suggest that they are discussed offscreen and therefore are not official canon because we've not seen that conversation or event

The location of Kirk's resting place was detailed through the Shatner-verse novels, particularly The Return however onscreen we've never had an official nod to the last stand of James T Kirk. Picard could be the perfect chance to acknowledge the events of the generation-spanning seventh Star Trek movie and really tie together the whole universe. Lower Decks has more than hat-tipped to the classic 79 episodes and Picard's face to face with Kirk has to be something worth bringing up onscreen.

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