Star Trek: 10 Things Picard Has Wisely Avoided (Or Forgotten)

Over 20 episodes Picard has set out on new adventures and managed to avoid these galactic anomalies.

Picard Sisko

Season two of Picard split the fanbase with its Earth-based time travel story and tackling of mental health.

More in the vain of "What Jean-Luc Did Next" rather than The Next Generation Part 2, Picard has allowed a final hurrah for Patrick Stewart's legendary captain in a new series of adventures. As fans now know, season three will also mean that the TNG cast are given a more fitting send off than they received with Nemesis 20 years ago. Already there are little leaks around what's happened to them over the years

But after 20 episodes, twists, turns and a touch of graphic content than no-one anticipated, Picard has still managed to swerve around some particularly interesting canon plot points without so much as an Engage to be heard. Patrick Stewart insisted that season one had some stipulations for his return firmly nailed to the wall. The subsequent trip back to the 21st Century had a little more give.

Season three will also prove to be the final year of the show, aiming to go out on a high but even at this point fans have some serious questions to be answered beyond just what Wesley Crusher has been up to.

Continuity over such a huge franchise with five series running in parallel now is going to be a challenge to manage but then add in 50 years of backstory and fans are scrabbling for details to be sealed into canon that have been major things in the past.

10. Anij

Picard Sisko

Jean-Luc had a not insubstantial amount of shore leave due at the end of Insurrection; so much so that he made the comment.

Where was he planning on spending it? Only with Anij on the Baku planet at the centre of the notorious Briar Patch.

Now with season two, it appears that the admiral's affections have turned to the recently widowed Laris and, frankly, who can blame him. But this does raise the obvious question about his previous loves and that there is no real sense of closure. Season three will, fans hope, give an answer to the "Jean-Luc, there's something I need to tell you..." which has plagued many a conversation with one Doctor Beverley Crusher over the years.

But Anij seemed to be the one and while the lack of a mention in Nemesis was fair enough, to know what led to JL's change in affection direction would be good to know.

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