Star Trek: 10 Things You Never Knew About Enterprise

9. Tom Hardy And Linda Park Were An Item While Filming

Star Trek Enterprise

In 2003, Hoshi actress Linda Park began a relationship with a little-known English actor named Tom Hardy. He had recently appeared as Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis, and even more recently split from his ex-wife, Marlina.

The failure of Star Trek: Nemesis at the box office had sent Hardy into a spiral of personal issues, ending his marriage and landing him in rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. By the time he and Park began dating, he had successfully recovered.

At one time, they were due to establish their own theatre company while they lived together in South London, although this never ended up materializing. They did appear together in a two-day production of Brett C. Leonard's play, Roger & Vanessa, which Park co-produced. This would end up being the only common work between the pair.

They separated a short time later, before the end of Star Trek: Enterprise. Hardy remained in England, while Park returned to the United States and began residing in Los Angeles.


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