Star Trek: 10 Times Spock Abandoned Logic

There were several occasions in Star Trek where Mr. Spock's famous logic wasn't what saved the day.

Star Trek Spock's World

Spock is the half Vulcan-half Human character portrayed legendarily by Leonard Nimoy for several decades, by Zachary Quinto in the Star Trek Reboot films, and currently by Ethan Peck in Star Trek Strange New Worlds. Each portrayal plays on the portrayal of the stoic, analytical, and logical Vulcan learning to live and work on a ship with primarily professional but emotional human beings.

Spock’s half-human physiology, his human mother and recently adopted human sister Michael Burnham was a source of constant teasing and bullying throughout his childhood, with bullies often attempting to get an emotional reaction from him. He also suffered from L’tak Terai, a Vulcan form of dyslexia. Despite all this, Spock excelled at the Vulcan Science Academy and was set to join the Vulcan Expeditionary Group but instead chose Starfleet.

Due in part to an incident with his sister, Spock developed a closed-off and aloof manner with people early on. He embraced logic, analytics, and science over intuition and feelings. Doctor McCoy often called Spock unfeeling but the truth is that Vulcans have very strong emotions and Spock sometimes lets his emotions override his logic.

10. Spock’s Love Life

Star Trek Spock's World
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Spock’s first and possibly longest-lasting love was T’Pring, with whom he had an arranged relationship at age seven. In Amok Time, Pon Farr had overtaken the first officer and he had eight days to mate or he would die. However, the son of Sarek had become something of a celebrity on Vulcan and that wasn’t something that T’Pring wanted. She invoked kal-if-fee, the right for her betrothed to fight for her, and Kirk was chosen as her champion.

Christine Chapel was assigned to the Starship Enterprise in 2259 as part of the medical staff. Her open and gregarious nature was a contrast to Spock’s quiet and stoic controlled one. When the pirate Angel took over the Enterprise in The Serene Squall, the First Officer and the Nurse had to fake a relationship to prevent T’Pring from releasing Angel’s lover.

In the Kelvin Universe, Spock and Lt. Nyota Uhura had a strong if occasionally strained relationship. In Star Trek (2009), Uhura openly consoled her Captain after the death of his planet and mother and he looked at her with shame when he lost control on the bridge. Uhura became angry with her Vulcan boyfriend in Star Trek Into Darkness when she thought he was going to sacrifice his life with no thought of her but he assured her that she was paramount in his thoughts.

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