Star Trek: 10 Times Spock Abandoned Logic

9. His “Complicated” Relationship With His Family

Star Trek Spock's World

Spock had an often strained relationship with his father Sarek, who spent much of his life devoted to logic and service to his people. Sarek had to choose between his biological son and his adopted daughter on who to send to the Vulcan Expeditionary Group. Despite the Vulcan path being the more logical one, Spock chose Starfleet. A rift of many decades emerged between the two men due to this decision.

Spock was extremely unhappy when human Micheal Burnham was made his foster sister. But he eventually developed genuine affection and began to idolize her. Logical extremists targeted her because is human and Micheal ran away. Spock wanted to go with her, stating he loved her. Not wanting him to get hurt, she said heinous things about his biology which caused Spock to become cold and distrusting. Even though he logically deduced what Michael had done, he held onto the animosity for years.

Sybok was Sarek’s first son with a Vulcan princess. He was a gifted and highly intelligent student but abandoned logic and embraced emotion as the key to knowledge. Sybok was sent to a rehabilitation center and Spock did not speak of his half-brother even to his closest friends. Spock was clearly embarrassed by his half-brother, an emotion that serves no logical purpose.

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