Star Trek: 10 Times Spock Abandoned Logic

8. The Anger And Forced Mind Meld With Lt. Valeris

Star Trek Spock's World
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In Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, The Klingon moon of Praxis was destroyed and will make the Klingon homeworld unlivable in fifty years. Spock has begun working with Klingon Chancellor Gorkon to end hostilities between his people and Starfleet. Spock volunteered the Enterprise to accompany the Chancellor to Earth to begin negotiations.

On the Enterprise, the crew meets Lt. Valeris, a Vulcan female who will act as helmsman. Spock had followed her career closely and was impressed by her, intending to choose her as his replacement. She questions her mentor about the logic of their mission and he informs her that logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end. Over the course of the trip, Gorkon’s ship was attacked and he was killed.

Surmising that the assassins had to have come from Enterprise, Spock puts Valeris in charge of the investigation but it is discovered that she was behind the crime. She is revealed as a member of a larger group of Starfleet officers who are against the Klingons being let into Federation space.

Spock violently forces a mind meld to get the names of her co-conspirators and the new location of the conference. This questionable act goes against Spock’s nature as he laments to Kirk that he was blinded by her accomplishments as a Vulcan and should have realized Valeris’ involvement in the conspiracy. Kirk lamented that he had been blinded by his own prejudices and asked his friend to forgive himself.

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