Star Trek: 10 Worst Things Captain Janeway Has Ever Done

Star Trek's first captain in the Delta Quadrant made a few questionable calls.

Puppy Janeway Q Star Trek Voyager
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Captain Kathryn Janeway has been quite rightly decorated many, many times as a highly capable commanding officer. She led the crew of USS Voyager through the heart of the Delta Quadrant, getting most of them back home. Starfleet may even count the ones who didn't make as acceptable losses in the long-run.


Does that mean that Janeway was the greatest captain in Starfleet history? Considering she, or at least a facsimile of her, will be leading the ragtag crew of the USS Protostar on a new mission in the upcoming Star Trek: Prodigy, it bears exploring as to whether or not this person is the right person for the job.

What exactly is the reason for the many deaths of the members of the crew? What did she do for morale, when some of the crew were attacking other members? Who else in the history of Starfleet used the transporter as their own personal execution toy? While Captain, and later Admiral, Janeway made some amazing moves and saves in her career, she made some fairly dodgy calls in her time as well. It's time to shine a light on this highly questionable officer.

10. Instigating A Civil War (Death Wish)

Puppy Janeway Q Star Trek Voyager
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Quite frankly, this one is going to seem a bit unfair. Captain Janeway is compelled, when Quinn asks her for asylum aboard Voyager, to hear him out - even if it means standing in the path of the Q Continuum. Thankfully, they are at least willing to engage in the trial, for if nothing else, it's something to do.

Janeway rules in favour of Quinn, who then immediately takes his own life. While everyone had been prepared for this, few were prepared for the idea of a Q civil war, which breaks out quickly after Quinn's death. A civil war is bad at the best of times, but this particular one sees multiple stars going supernova in the Delta quadrant.


A race of omnipotent beings going to war is something that no mortal wants to get dropped in the middle of and, though her responsibilty as a Starfleet captain effectively forced her into the position, Janeway's decision to rule in favour of Quinn led to the destruction of several star systems, the deaths of untold members of the Continuum...though it also led to the creation of Q-Junior, which is a silver lining, depending on who you ask!


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