Star Trek: 20 Characters Who Bored Us Senseless

ASLEEP Five series and eleven films is pretty good going for a show that was cancelled in 1969 for poor ratings. Within that accomplishment, we have been given some the most iconic characters in film and TV history. But not every Star Trek character developed into what the writers originally envisioned. For every James T. Kirk, we had a Commander Chakotay. Sometimes it was down to poor acting but usually it was writers and producers having no idea what to do with a character, or not giving them enough TV time to develop. The result was that fans dreaded any episode based around that person€*cough€Chakotay...*cough€ So who could we have easily sent to a Klingon prison planet for draining the life out of the franchise? Who made us reach for the fast forward button every time they were on screen? Find out as WhatCulture brings you 20 Star Trek characters that bored us senseless.

20. Deanna Troi

firstcontacthd0639 It was testament to the 1980€™s that with the launch of Star Trek: The Next Generation, it was decided the USS Enterprise needed a councilor on board, and sitting right next to the Captain on the bridge no less. It made sense, with all the mental trauma caused by the weekly warp core breaches and hostile aliens trying to destroy the ship, it would be handy to have someone to talk to. Being half Betazoid, Councillor Tori (Marina Sirtis) was blessed with extraordinary telepathic abilities. She could tell Captain Picard if an alien was lying or if the ship was in danger from an unseen force. So that involved her looking into the distance and uttering things along the lines of €˜€™Captain, he€™s hiding something€™€™ or €˜€™Captain, there€™s something out there.€™€™ We also learned that she likes chocolate and that she was once in a relationship with Commander Riker. Other than that, she was all about handing out advice from the psychology 101 handbook or sensing disturbances. Sirtis did play the character with a lot of warmth and you got a real sense that she had a caring side. Her acting also improved after the first season (minus her drunk scene in Star Trek First Contact) and when she stopped looking like Space-Barbie. It€™s just unfortunate that compared to the rest of the crew, she wasn€™t a very exciting character. Most entertaining moment: Crashing the Enterprise in Star Trek Generations.

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