Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - 10 Best Episodes

Entertainment Weekly has called DS9 "the Trek franchise's most compelling series." Here's 10 episodes that prove it.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was never as highly-rated as its predecessor, Star Trek: The Next Generation, or as much a part of the public consciousness as the original series. Moreover, unlike every other Star Trek television series, Deep Space Nine was set aboard a space station, which had some fans wonder what the word "Trek" was doing in the title. That unchanging location, however, only proved to be an asset to the program, which unlike its predecessors, had no choice but to live with the consequences of each episode, because there wasn't another planet to zip off to the following week. In recent years the series has been the subject of a critical reappraisal, in large part because a number of writers from the program went on to write and produce for the highly-acclaimed remake of Battlestar Galactica. Viewers looking for another Battlestar Galactica will be disappointed, but those willing to accept Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on its own terms will find what Entertainment Weekly has called "the Trek franchise's most compelling series." In this list, I will go through what I view as the ten best episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and discuss what made them €“ and the series €“ so great.

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