Star Trek: Discovery - 8 Reasons Why It's The Best Series Since TNG

Set phasers to fun.

Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery may have only aired its third episode, but it's already managed to endear itself to a wide variety of sci-fi fans - some diehard Trekkies, some not so much.

Although we're yet to get a feel for how Discovery will play out over the course of its first season, these first three episodes have intimated that the best is yet to come, with a strong opening being followed up by an equally compelling third episode that, perhaps more-so than the pilot, established the tenets that the series will live by in the year to come.

It's a show that lives and breathes Roddenberry's mythos, right down to the little nods and winks to other Star Trek media it's shown off so far, and that's a brilliant thing to see in a landscape where sci-fi seems to be on the rise once more. Not just shooty sci-fi either; Star Wars, Arrival and Blade Runner: 2049 have all approached the genre with the intent of having a genuine conversation with their audience, on top of the obvious popcorn appeal they're able to boast.

It is in this bracket that Discovery wishes to set up shop, and why shouldn't it? It lives and breathes Roddenberry's message and serves it up in a big budget bonanza of Star Trek goodness that fans old and new can get behind. That's some incredible diplomacy right there, and while the show does, admittedly, have a long way to go, it's shown considerable strength in its first two weeks - the kind we haven't seen since Picard, Data and Ryker took to the enterprise some thirty years ago.

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