Star Trek: Endgame Fiction Vs. Reality

9. Voyager

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What Happens In The Episode:

In Admiral Janeway's timeline, it takes Voyager a full sixteen extra years to traverse the Delta Quadrant and find their way home. With all this extra time away, the much beleaguered Intrepid class manages to achieve more first contacts than almost any other ship, and amasses a vast amount of alien technology and knowledge that they can bring back to the Alpha Quadrant. As a result of the Pathfinder Project, tales of Voyager's exploits across the decades reach home and stir up a fair mount of admiration for the ship, and so its unsurprising when Janeway questions her senior self about Voyager being in a museum, only to be told 'Voyager IS a museum'.

We had, at the time, no way of knowing if this was just a metaphor on the part of the Admiral, but it wasn't beyond the realms of possibility.

What Really Happens:

Yep, it's a museum! The starship Voyager is one of many that were located around the original Spacedock, now serving as the fleet museum, in the sixth episode of Star Trek: Picard's third season, The Bounty.

There is a beautiful moment of pathos when Seven of Nine focuses the Titan's viewscreen on her old ship, waxing lyrical about its importance to her development as a person.

Hardly a dry eye in the house that day!

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