Star Trek Enterprise Cast: Where Are They Now?

Where did these intrepid explorer's hearts take them next?


Star Trek Enterprise ran for four seasons, from 2001 until 2005. Though not the shortest of the spin-offs, it has received undue amount of criticism and hate, largely due to its existence as a prequel rather than a sequel series.

It was the butt of many criticisms that Discovery has received, not least about the issues arising around canon. However, time has been slightly kinder to Enterprise and audiences are coming to see it in a slightly more positive light, all these years later.

The cast that was assembled for the show is both varied and a veritable who's who of the Sci-Fi scene of the time. Many faces that walked the hallways of NX-01 would appear in many contemporary Sci-Fi shows, including Stargate and its various spin-offs.

Some of the names on this list have gone on to have huge careers, both in front of and behind the camera. There are faces that may have only appeared for several brief moments that may make fans take a moment to goggle that they had appeared here so early on. Other faces regrettably have not fared so well in the years that have followed Enterprise's cancellation, though such is the life of actors in Hollywood.

With the renewed current interest in the Star Trek franchise, now is a good time to revisit this short but colourful chapter of Trek history and find out just what the cast of Enterprise is up to these days. Starting with...


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