Star Trek: EVERY Season Ranked Worst To Best

ALL 34 seasons - what's essential and what can you skip?


With the announcement that Star Trek is about to venture off in the latest series, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, it seems a good time to look back on everything that has come before.

However, how does one, for example, compare Kirk's battle with the Gorn against Voyager's struggle with the Vidiians? Or how does Sisko's struggle to live with his guilt rack up against Picard's guilt over losing Data?

It may be that there is no right or wrong answer here, as many will have different preferences to how stories are told. Writing that was done in the '60s will not feel the same as writing that is done in the 2010's. So, it's not so easy to say that the Original Series is far superior to Picard, or that Deep Space Nine flattens the efforts of Discovery.

The nature of the ever expanding franchise is that we are, thankfully, being offered many, many different options when it comes to series and entries. At the time of this article's composition, Lower Decks, Discovery season three, Picard season two and now of course Strange New Worlds have yet to air, so who knows where they will place on a list such as this?

While that may sound like an invitation to join us again once they air (and it is!), it is also a reminder that nothing is set in stone in this franchise.

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