Star Trek: Picard - 4 Ups & 5 Downs From Et In Arcadia Ego (Part 1)

"Hope and the odds make poor bedfellows"

Sorry, what's that? An all-consuming threat to humanity that was initially dismissed out of hand, but the terrifying scale of which is suddenly revealed just as it looks like things might be too later? Not saying the writers of this show have improbable timing, but the universe is not without a sense of irony.

Anyway, all of that to one side, we've only two episodes of Star Trek: Picard left to get through now and the stakes are simultaneously high and still unclear. Soji has found her home planet and she's racing towards it before a fleet of Romulans arrives in orbit to decimate her home.

Picard's along for the ride, there's a warning about some alien super-predator, and Seven of Nine's got her own personal Borg Cube to have some fun with. It's all, as they say, kicking off, but the precise direction of the reaming twists and turns are still anybody's guess.

Wherever we go in our penultimate episode, we're going boldly...

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