Star Trek: Picard - 4 Ups & 5 Downs From Et In Arcadia Ego (Part 1)


5. Persistence Is Futile

Star Trek Picard Borg

A lot of the hype and excitement around Star Trek: Picard, certainly in the wake of its initial trailers and marketing was the sight of that Borg Cube. Learning that it was the home of a Romulan reclamation project and it had "mysteriously just stopped one day" meant that it was one of the most intriguing things about the show.

Then we learned of the scientists studying the X-Bs, that there were still thousands of dormant drones on board, and that Soji was there. We quivered in anticipation for the space s**t to inevitably hit the space fan when we were told: “if your gradient badge starts to blink green, run".

But, really, it's been nothing more than a bit of set dressing. Seven connecting with it was cool, and it emerging from transwarp was awesome, but now it's just wreckage, which is little more than it ever was in truth. It may yet kick into life in the finale but, even if it does, it's a glaring waste of one of the show's most fascinating components.

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