Star Trek Picard: Every Easter Egg & Hidden Reference From 'Et In Arcadia Ego, Part 1'

15. Snake Fight


Immediately upon arrival at Coppelius, Narek's Snakehead scout ship emerges from transwarp and starts shooting at the La Sirena.

Seatbelts activate for the dogfight and this is the rare appearance of this kind of standard safety feature on a Star Trek starship. There's a deleted scene in Star Trek Nemesis that shows Picard receives a seatbelt on his captain's chair after the battle with Shinzon. Other than that, there are seatbelts on the Kelvin Timeline Enterprise during the Inception-like crash scene in Star Trek Into Darkness and aboard the USS Franklin when that ship just crashes all over the place in Star Trek Beyond.

As the battle continues, Narek reverses his cloak and uses it as a projector to trick the Sirena's sensors. This type of maneuver has been seen before, though never with the use of a cloaking device. The Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Battle" depicted a similar tactic called the "Picard Maneuver" where a ship's warp drive was used to make a vessel appear as though it's in two places at once.

Just as an aside, Picard Maneuver is also the name of the jacket tug Captain Picard did throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation, but that has sadly had no bearing on Star Trek: Picard. Yet.


I played Panicky Idiot Number 2 in Star Trek Into Darkness.