Star Trek Picard: Every Easter Egg & Hidden Reference From 'Et In Arcadia Ego, Part 1'

Behold, the triumphant return of Spot.


The first episode in the two-part Star Trek: Picard season one finale is on us like a giant space flower on a Borg cube.

In "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1", Picard and the crew of the La Sirena finally make it to the android planet where they discover a bunch of scantily clad gold people and a very special guest star: Brent Spiner as yet another son of Soong. The Artifact comes along for the ride and makes a crash-landing in the ocean, where Seven of Nine is now basically queen of the Borg, but in a good way. Oh and also Narek snuck in and we still don't know what his deal really is...

Here are all the details, easter eggs, hidden references, allusions, and kitty cats we spotted in "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1".

16. Start Your Calculations


The La Sirena is barreling through a particularly colorful transwarp corridor on its way to Soji's homeworld. The first time we saw the inside of a transwarp corridor (or conduit) was in Star Trek: Voyager where the effect was mostly bluish-gray and nearly identical to quantum slipstream drive as seen in the episode "Hope and Fear".

According to the La Sirena's computer, the chroniton field is holding. In the previous episode Rios chastised Soji for not thinking to project a chroniton field before taking the La Sirena into the transwarp corridor because (as established in the Voyager episode "Shattered") the chroniton field is a necessary component for transwarp travel.

As the Sirena arrives at the planet Soji recognizes as Coppelius, Picard tells Agnes they just traveled 25 light years in 15 minutes. According to the handy online Warp Speed Calculator, that's warp factor 10, or about 876,600 times the speed of light.


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