Star Trek: Picard - Everything We Know About Season 3

4. Worf Factor

Geordi Picard Season 3 Star Trek

Pacifist, kur'leth carrier and silver fox of Picard season three, Michael Dorn's Worf has come a long way since his days on the Enterprise.

His adventures since the end of Deep Space Nine have yet to be acknowledged canonically although Riker is dead-pan certain his anti-violent behaviour is going to get them all killed.

While a massive turn in the character's arc from hacking limbs off Borg and sinking a bat'leth into Duras' sternum, Worf's appearance also ties in the touted "continuation" to DS9 angle that has been reported recently by Terry Matalas in his Den of Geek magazine interview.

Voyager is and has been linked to the show thanks to the appearance of Seven of Nine but this marks the first live-action appearance of a character from the 90s space station spin-off.

Dorn was at first skeptical of Work's new silvery locks, however, his opinion ahead of the season's release has changed and he's even been the first of the TNG characters to receive their own mini trailer ahead of season three. It focused on both TNG and DS9 while a preview trailer for Paramount+ also included a new shot of Worf wielding his new Dan Curry-designed kur'leth.

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