Star Trek: Picard - Everything We Know About Season 3

5. Bev’s Big Secret

Geordi Picard Season 3 Star Trek
Jean-Luc, there's something I need to tell you...

Maybe this is it, maybe season three will be the time for Doctor Crusher to finally finish the sentence that has been lingering in the air since Encounter at Farpoint!

Den of Geek magazine's exclusive interview with Patrick Stewart explained that there would be some tension between the two characters due to how Picard views Crusher's life choices. Indeed, the pair have not seen each other for many years.

No longer in Starfleet, Beverly captains a humanitarian aid ship and her disappearance is the catalyst for the story in season three. Stewart also said in the interview that the scenes between the pair were some of his favourites from the season but there's one more thing.

In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Gates McFadden teased that there was a personal angle to their reunion. There is some big secret to reveal that has to have been simmering for nearly three decades.

Might Wesley be Picard's son after all?

While the existence of the secret isn't under wraps, what it is and its potential cataclysmic effects are unannounced.

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