Star Trek: The Next Generation Sequel - 7 Ideas For Jean-Luc Picard's Return

7. Picard The Captain

Picard Return Star Trek

The most obvious option on the table for the show-runners (no idea why they are and nobody’s phoned to offer me the job yet soooo…) is to simply pick up where Picard last left off. The final scenes of Star Trek Nemesis show us that the events of the film have done nothing to dissuade Picard from this single-minded space-faring life of his.

Shinzon’s constant barbs about their respective legacies have been roundly ignored, and he continues to Captain the Enterprise well into his 70s. Despite the time-gap - it’s been 16 years since Nemesis - it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to envisage Picard as still sat firmly in the Captain’s chair. With Riker and Troi gone, Worf and Crusher transferred and, well, Data dead, this wouldn’t even be retreading the old Next Generation boards.

New crew, new adventures, same captain. Approaching it from the perspective of ‘one last mission’ would give the character a much needed slice of closure. Given his age audiences would commit entirely to a story that saw a weary but dedicated Picard undertaking one final job before riding off into the sunset.

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