Star Trek: Voyager - Ranking Every Major Character Worst To Best

How do Star Trek Voyager's legendary cast of characters stack up against each other?

Star Trek Voyager

Ah, Star Trek: Voyager. Often viewed by fans as where the franchise started to take it's downward turn, there can be many a criticism laid at it's door, but nobody can deny that the show really did attempt to go where no-one has gone before.

With the crew of the USS Voyager and the Maquis vessel Val Jean thrown across the galaxy into the unexplored and tumultuous Delta Quadrant, there was plenty of scope for exploration and new ideas, seen through that classic Starfleet lens.

But who made up the crew of this intrepid vessel? Who struck out into the darkness of space heroically and who was simply along for the ride? Who galvanised the idealism of Starfleet and who dragged their feet? These are the major characters of Star Trek: Voyager, ranked from worst to best. See if you concur or heartily disagree!

17. Neelix

Star Trek Voyager

Oh Neelix, truly you weren't a very good idea. From being in an overly possessive in a relationship with a questionable age gap, to being a bumbling nuisance whose cheese almost made the ship violently ill (don't ask), there was something that never really worked about Neelix. No matter how loveable Ethan Phillips tried to make him.

While the inclusion of a native of the Delta Quadrant to Voyager's crew seemed like a good idea, there was a literal point in season 3 when the ship reaches the Nikrit Expanse and he points out that his usefulness is at an end. This being said, the fourth season episode 'Mortal Coil' is easily the very best Neelix episode there is.

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