Star Wars: 20 Things You Somehow Missed In Ahsoka (Season 1)

Original trilogy nods, gods, and everything else you probably missed in Disney+'s Ahsoka series.

Ahsoka Tano

It's somehow been a whole 15 years since the little Togruta padawan known as Ahsoka Tano first arrived in the galaxy far, far away in The Clone Wars animated flick.

Back then, this wise-cracking, immature Jedi-in-training wasn't what you'd call the most popular new addition to the prequel era, with some going as far as to label the youngster as "annoying". But fast forward a decade or so, and it's safe to say Anakin Skywalker's padawan has grown into one of the most complex, respected, and adored characters in Star Wars history.

So, it was only a matter of time before Dave Filoni, who helped create 'Snips' with George Lucas, found a way to chuck the magnetic figure into the live-action world he's been crafting on Disney+ over the last few years.

And after Ahsoka's captivating appearances in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, Rosario Dawson has now just brought her first solo season as the iconic character to a close on the streaming service.

Said first slice of Tano and friends action certainly did not disappoint either. However, with so many wonderful/unexpected developments and more subtle details and Easter eggs than you can shake a pair of lightsabers at, there's a good chance you didn't catch absolutely everything this brilliant season had to offer.

So, from mystical gods, to masterful nods to the past, here are those Ahsoka season one moments you may not have spotted.

20. Death Troopers Rise

Ahsoka Tano

Before Rogue One's Death Troopers wandered onto screens in 2018, there was actually another batch of stormtroopers who boasted that very title. And they looked an awful lot like the particularly creepy soldiers seen during the final episode of Ahsoka season one.

After volunteering to assist their leader Grand Admiral Thrawn in his mission to flee Peridea, a set of Night Troopers find themselves being resurrected by the Great Mothers as Ahsoka Tano, Ezra Bridger, and Sabine Wren attempt to reach the blue-skinned menace.

In other words, zombie stormtroopers finally arrived in live-action Star Wars, baby!

And said unsettling Night Troopers actually felt like a pretty direct nod to Joe Schreiber's 2009 Death Trooper novel, with that book focusing on a bunch of zombie stormtroopers coming back from the dead due to an awful disease to cause chaos.

This isn't the first time Dave Filoni and co. have found a way to infuse Legends stories into the current canon, but it's certainly one of the freakiest.


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