Star Wars: 8 Best Ahsoka Tano Fights To Get You Hyped For Her Mandalorian Debut

From The Clone Wars to Star Wars Rebels and now The Mandalorian, Ahsoka Tano is a Jedi legend.

Star Wars Clone Wars Ahsoka

When she first appeared in 2008's The Clone Wars film, the overly-eager, slightly irritating Ahsoka Tano was met with criticism from many fans. 12 years later though, she is undeniably one of the best characters in the entire Star Wars franchise, and one of the most beloved by fans of all ages.

With the confirmation that Ahsoka will be making her live-action debut in The Mandalorian Season 2 (in a moment that left both fans of The Clone Wars and Rebels squealing with joy), it's strange to think that there are still Star Wars fans out there that have never seen 'snips' in all her glory.

So here's a list of eight scenes everyone should watch (and re-watch) before Ahsoka meets Baby Yoda, Din Djarin, and the rest of the gang.

These are the adrenaline-filled, thrillride scenes that showcase the depth of Ahsoka's character through her skill and prowess in a fight, be that in a duel against the Sith, or taking on a group of Mandalorian cultists. It's Ahsoka time!

8. Ahsoka Vs. General Grievous - The Clone Wars: Season 5, Episode 9

Star Wars Clone Wars Ahsoka

In a scene that resembles Qui-Gon and Maul's first encounter in The Phantom Menace, Ahsoka stands between General Grievous and a collective of Jedi younglings. Here we see the deep care of Ashoka's character, along with the courage and skill to take on a renowned Jedi-killer.

This isn't Ahsoka's first battle with the cyborg general, but the stakes feel particularly high in this season five episode. In the middle of a dusty wasteland, Ahsoka's agility and speed clash with Grievous' brutal tenacity in a flurry of lightsaber swings that pierce the apocalyptic setting with a stunning, deadly colour show.

The animation works perfectly in tandem with the thrilling musical score to capture this frantic and energised duel. Ahsoka eventually uses her cunning to leap over Grievous and escape with the younglings, capping off an amazing display of agility from the young padawan.


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