Star Wars Rebels Season 3: 20 Easter Eggs & References You Need To See

These are the easter eggs you're looking for...

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Easter Eggs
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Star Wars Rebels Season 3 has been an absolute roller-coaster, and last week concluded the current run with an epic battle between Grand Admiral Thrawn and Phoenix Squadron on Atollon.

We’ve been introduced to the mysterious entity known as the Bendu, the Rebel Alliance coming closer together, connections to Rogue One and of course, Thrawn has been established within the official canon. That’s without even mentioning the TIE Defender.

But there are countless other references that have been slotted into the dialogue or the environments that are easy to miss unless you’re paying close attention and those are the ones that we have found for you here.

The Star Wars universe is known for his huge amount of history, both from the Old Expanded Universe (now Legends) and the now established canon. The creators and developers behind Rebels have never shied away from adding little details, references and Easter eggs that tie the Star Wars television show to its many other formats.

Warning: this article will address spoilers from the current season of Star Wars Rebels.

20. Bendu

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Easter Eggs
Disney XD

The character of Bendu, voiced by Tom Baker, is based off the early concepts for Star Wars. The term Bendu was originally the term for Jedi. It dates back to the original story treatments written by George Lucas when he was first defining the Star Wars legacy back in 1973. Back then, the Jedi Knights were known as the Jedi Bendu.

The light and the dark side aspects of the voice were also known as the Ashla and Bogon respectively. Over the past two seasons we have heard characters use these phrases before.

The Bendu was originally supposed to appear in the last episodes of season two and designed to be much bigger. The original story concept was that the Rebels would build Chopper Base unknowingly on Bendu’s back. After returning from a mission, they would find that their base had disappeared, because Bendu had moved away.


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