Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Every Main Character Ranked Worst To Best

19. Duchess Satine Kryze

Star Wars The Clone Wars Savage Oppress Maul

Duchess Satine was introduced to add some compelling background to Obi-Wan's past, something that paid off massively throughout the show. But she quickly proved to be more than a mere plot device, and came to represent to endless terror of the Clone Wars.

The leader of Mandalore, Satine was desperate to keep her people out of the conflict, something which put her at odds with the Republic, the Separatists and the Death Watch lurking in the shadows.

A strong-willed politician whose good intentions led to her planets inevitable fall, Satine was a seriously tragic figure who only ever wanted to do the right thing, and was still haunted by her brief romance with Kenobi.

She may not have been around long, but her bravery and cruel death at the hands of Maul still make her one of the show's best original characters.


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