Stargate: 10 Times The Show Made Huge Mistakes

No one ever said that commanding a team would be easy, but these mistakes sure make it look hard.


Production on any series, large or small, will never be without issues. This may come in the form of script errors or actual on-screen gaffs, leaving them for the viewers to catch, allowing for some red faces all around.

Sometimes, half the fun of an episode is spotting any small mistakes that may appear in back or foreground. Recent examples of this of course involve coffee-gate in Game of Thrones (closely followed by Water Bottle-gate), but Game of Thrones is by no means the only show to have ever suffered from these issues.

Stargate SG-1 began in 1997 and there were little mistakes dotted here and there throughout the run of the show. That is to be expected, especially back in the days of longer series runs and rushed production shoots. Most motion pictures have weeks to months to shoot their scenes, while most television shows have a week or thereabouts to secure close to an hour of action.

Mistakes slip through. This list owes a debt of thanks to the great people over at GateWorld - keeping Stargate alive and doing the Orisi's work!

Back in the late '90s and early '00s, there was also the added issue that CGI was nowhere near the level that modern viewers are used to seeing. For a prime example, compare Merlin's dragon in the tenth season against any shots of Drogon and you can see the contrast.

This list is a (loving!) example of some of these slips that made it through the process!


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